About Commercial Professional Software Ltd.

Our software adventure started with the programming of pneumatic (pneumatic-air pressure) factory robots in the year 1993, in 1995, continued by developing commercial software with the popular software language COBOL in the era. Since 1997, we have continued to develop commercial and advanced engineering scientific software in the same pot. In 1999, we were independently developing computer software and systems tailored to the needs of companies.

In 2008, we established the C. P. S information Services and developed countless software. In addition, the server systems, data recovery, permanent deletion of data, data and data security expertise in our esteemed customers with the discretion of our sector, the first to come to mind.

Since 2018, we have moved to London, England. is continuing its activities within the joint projects with the scientific institutions.

Today with more than 20 years of business experience with our valued customers; We continue to produce licensed, digitally signed, legal and fully secured systems.



  • To provide services in international standards,
  • Accurate information and guidance,
  • To provide 100% of customer satisfaction,
  • One-to-one communication and support with our customers.


  • To follow the current technologies,
  • Developing future-oriented systems and software,
  • To keep our customers' infrastructure up to date,
  • To keep data security at the most advanced level.


  • One-to-one communication,
  • Accurate information,
  • Legal products, systems and software,
  • Contracted and postpaid work,
  • Timely Delivery,
  • Customer Satisfaction,
  • Continuous support.
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