What we do

Basically, we develop online E-Commerce software specific to our customers' requests. We also produce scientific and engineering software.We also have research and development, internet of things and artificial intelligence studies.

Easy to Customize

Customizable according to customer requests, flexible and user-friendly.

Multipurpose layout

It can work on phones, tablets, PC and Mac devices.

Unique Design

Unique customer-specific design, functions and features.

About C.P.S Ltd.

Our software adventure started with the programming of pneumatic (pneumatic-air pressure) factory robots in the year 1993, in 1995, continued by developing commercial software with the popular software language COBOL in the era. Since 1997, we have continued to develop commercial and advanced engineering scientific software in the same pot. In 1999, we were independently developing computer software and systems tailored to the needs of companies.

In 2008, we established the C. P. S information Services and developed countless software. In addition, the server systems, data recovery, permanent deletion of data, data and data security expertise in our esteemed customers with the discretion of our sector, the first to come to mind.

Since 2018, we have moved to London, England. is continuing its activities within the joint projects with the scientific institutions.

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Software Features

Our software; We develop it in accordance with international standards, using only Microsoft codes, without external plug-ins, to be understandable, user-friendly, extremely secure and easy to use.

  • Our software is hosted on Microsoft Azure.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio is used as a software development tool.
  • Microsoft ASP.NET MVC is used as the software language.
  • Microsoft .NET ML is used in Software that requires Artificial Intelligence.
  • Microsoft .Net MAUI is used for phone and other device applications.
  • Microsoft SQL Server is used as the basic database in the software.
  • We integrate with databases such as ORACLE, SAP etc.
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Our Software Specialities

We can add many features listed below to our software in line with our customers' requests.

Domain Integrations
Hosting Service
SSL Certificates
Payment Integrations
Barcode Integrations
Graphics Integrations
Phone Applications
BackUp Service

Latest Projects

You can find our most recently completed projects in the list below.

Earth Quake Black Box Software
Earthquake Black Box System, which is a social responsibility and scientific project; It consists of algorithms developed to find living creatures under debris.
Bonded WareHouse System
It is an easy-to-use commercial system that operates, archives and prices all procedures related to bonded storage.
La Lorraine Warehouse System
Barcode and SAP integrated warehouse tracking system developed for La Lorraine Türkiye.
StokTakas.com B2B E-Commerce System
A wide inter-dealer shopping platform developed for the Tire category of the automotive industry.